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Important Things You Must Know Before Getting a Facial in Singapore

Have you been contemplating having a facial, but not really sure what is all about or if it will be good for you? If yes, you are not alone. You see, there are a lot of people in Singapore who want to improve the way they look, but aren’t really sure if having a facial will help them achieve their goal. 

See, it is natural to have doubt about any skin treatment, especially if you are new to it. Most times, if you learn more about it, you will get a clear picture of how it is done and how effective it is.

This article is basically a how-to guide that contains basically everything you need to know about facials in Singapore. This article also unveils some of the best spas to get a facial in Singapore and how much it is going to cost you to have it. Read more about the different facial treatments you can get done here:

The following article by Anitra Brown shed light some important things you probably didn’t know about facials. 

What Is a Facial?

People get facials for different reasons: While some people want to remove those horrible blackheads, others want some help with an anti-ageing regimen. And, then there are the people who just want to relax and be pampered. Read more here

You surely now know that facial is a multi-step skin treatment that helps exfoliates, nourish, and hydrate your skin. You also now know the importance of getting a facial at a reputable clinic or spa with licensed estheticians who are knowledgeable and passionate about their work. If you are finding it difficult locating a good place to get a facial in Singapore, then you should read the next article carefully. 

The following article by Time Out Singapore editors unveils some of the best facial treatments in Singapore and where to have them. 

The best facial treatments to try in Singapore

We can’t turn back the clock but you bet we’ll do all we can to slow it down. Begone dull skin, signs of aging, and dark spots! In the name of research (and beauty), we put our best faces forward to try out numerous facials and skin treatments around Singapore. Read more here

You definitely now know some of the best facial treatments in Singapore and the centers to have them. You also now have an idea of the cost of having facials, and how long it takes to have them. Well, before choosing a center to get a facial in Singapore, it is wise that you check the reviews left by their previous clients. Doing this, will help you weed out the mediocre centers that may not be able to give you the best of services. Let’s face it, facials are somewhat expensive. So, having it every week or every month is out of the question. But, do you know how often you should get a facial to reap the endless benefits associated with it? Read the next article to find out more. 

This article by Rebecca Dancer discusses how often you should get a facial to get beautiful and clear skin. 

How Often Should You Get a Facial to Reap the Maximum Benefits?

With the HydraFacial, CBD-infused facials, and now cryotherapy facials, it seems like the level of popularity — and innovation — of professional facials is at an all-time high. And while a constant stream of Instagram videos can make you want to book an appointment for the latest buzzy treatment- Read more here.

You surely now know why facials are important, and how often you should get them. If you are rolling in cash, you should have them every month. If you are on a tight budget, on the other hand, you should have it four times a year. To ensure that you get the best facial, only choose centers that are clean, well lite, and supervised by a certified physician. 

Final note 

The importance of having facial on a regular basis cannot be overemphasized, especially if you want to have clear and smooth skin. 

Yes, facials are expensive, but that shouldn’t deter you from having them, because they offer special cleaning, exfoliating, extracting, and massaging services that will make your skin look beautiful and young. 

Note that no home skincare tool or face masks come close to what is offered at the many spas and clinics in Singapore. 

Facial Treatments That Can Help Address Any Skin Concerns

Don’t you just wish that your face was smooth, soft, and free from blemish? If yes, you are not alone. You see, there are thousands of people who want the exact same thing, but don’t know how to go about making their skin radiant. If this describes you, read on, as we will be looking at some tried and tested facials that can help you address basically any skin issue. 

One thing you should keep in mind is that facials aren’t like anything you have ever seen or experienced before. During a session, special skincare products that you may not find at your local supermarket or store will be used to rejuvenate your skin and address any blemish or issues you may have. Even more, special equipment will be used to improve the effectiveness of these products. Want to learn more about award-winning facials in Singapore? If yes, then you should read the next article carefully. 

The following article by Joyce Cheo unveils some facials that can address every skin concern. 


Your therapist begins with a thorough cleansing and gentle exfoliation before proceeding to the highlight of this treatment: A cryotherapy probe is used to cool the skin’s temperature while ART’s proprietary Hydra Cryo-Serum is applied to maximize absorption. Read more here.

You likely now know some twenty-six facials that can help rejuvenate your skin and improve your complexion. You also now know how much they cost, and some popular skincare centers and spas where you can have them in Singapore. Want to get rid of pimples and blackheads on your face for good? If yes, then you should read the next article carefully as it unveils some of the best extraction facials that are super effective. 

The following article by Mandy Wong Unveil five of the best extraction facials that are painless and effective. 

5 of the best extraction facials ranging from ultra-effective to ultra-painless

hhh, extraction facials. You can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them. Let’s be honest: if extraction facials didn’t deal with our clogged pores so effectively, how many of us would voluntarily still sit through them? Read more here. 

You likely now know five of the best extraction facials in Singapore that can help address the blemishes on your face. you also now have an idea of what will happen during a facial treatment session, how long the treatment lasts, and the before and after photos of some people who signed up for them in the past. 

The following article by Anithia Chang is basically a review of some of the best facials in Singapore. 

Best Facials Singapore: We review facial treatments!

Here at Expat Living, we’re always on the hunt for the best beauty facial treatments that promise brighter, clearer skin. As facials aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution and our skin-needs change through the years from treating acne, extraction, and pigmentation to anti-aging, – Read more here.

You likely now know a thing or two about five of the best facials in Singapore. You also now know what happened during each of them, some of the best centers to try any of them, and how much they cost. You also now know why they have ranked higher than others out there, and the unique benefits they offer. 

Final note 

Addressing your skin issues for good isn’t as difficult as you think. Of course, you can choose to use any of the many skincare products out there, but if you want a long-lasting solution to your skin issues, then you consider having a facial. 

Presently, there are a lot of special facials that can help address basically every skin issue. 

Yes, some of them are expensive, but that shouldn’t deter you from having them. Why, you ask? Well, the reason is that they offer quick and long-lasting results. Even more, they can be tailored to address unique issues with relative ease. 

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Get Facial Treatments Even if You Have a Good Skincare Routine

Gone are the days when people give little or no attention to their physical appearance. Today, most people in Singapore go the extra mile to get rid of everything from blackheads to pimples. If you are one of them, you are going to benefit from this article, as we will be looking at some compelling reasons why you should consider getting facial treatments even if you have a good skincare routine.

Of course, having a skincare routine is great, but it just isn’t enough, especially if you want your skin to look radiant. Since you are no skincare expert, chances are, you may be using the wrong skincare products. Even more, you may lack the intricate skill to get the most out of the ones you are using. To turn things around, and get rid of the blemishes on your skin for good, you should consider visiting any of the many spas in Singapore.

The following article by Bellamariefrance sheds light on some compelling reasons why you should have a facial even if you have a good skincare routine.


The fact that you’re reading Daily Vanity probably means you care about your appearance; we’re guessing you already have a good skincare routine that you’re following faithfully every day. But does this mean you won’t need to go for facial treatments at all,Read more here.

You likely know some five reasons why you need to visit a good spa to get a facial from time to time. You also now know how the professional advice you will receive from the esthetician at the spa center you visited will help you achieve your goal of having healthy skin. The many spas in Singapore offer different types of facial, choosing among them may be difficult, especially if you are new to facials. Well, if that is the case, then you should read the next article carefully, as it unveils some facials that can make your skin glow.

The following article by Honeycombers Editorial unveils some facials that can make your skin glow.

Holy Grail facials: Try these skin treatments for that ultimate glow

The pursuit of beauty is a never-ending process. Even if we’re diligent in our daily five-step beauty regimen (bring on the face masks!), stress, our diet, and the weather can do a number on our skin. That’s why we need to turn to the deft hands of a professional every now and then. Read more here.

You likely now know some of the leading facials in Singapore like deep cleansing facial, collagen facial, sensitive skin facial, oxygen infused facial, brightening facial, anti-aging facial, organic facial, and so on. Note that these top-notch facials are only offered in the best spas in Singapore, and they are fairly expensive. If you aren’t really sure about the effectiveness of facials, then you should read the next article.

The following article by Markhah Held discusses why every person serious about having flawless skin should consider having a facial.

You Asked: Should I Get a Facial?

Last year, Americans spent nearly $17 billion on spa services. A lot of that money went toward facials: treatments that claim to remove blemishes, combat wrinkles, moisturize, regenerate, tighten and otherwise beautify the skin so that your face looks fabulous. Read more here.

You likely now know that the spa service industry is growing dramatically each year and that billions of dollars are being spent by Americans to remove everything from wrinkles to pimples. You also now know that the benefits of having a facial are endless. So, if you haven’t given it a try, now is the time to do so. You won’t regret it.

Final note

Facials are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore because they are super effective and offer long-lasting results.

Regardless of the nature of your skin issue, the professionals of a good spa center will be able to offer advice and suggest products that can help you.

As you likely now know, there are a lot of facials offered at spas. While some of them are great and can literally transform your face, others are not that effective. So, before choosing among them, make sure you first consult an expert.