Famous Invasive and Non-invasive Face Slimming Procedures

There are some diet plans and exercises which can help in face slimming, whereas if one intends to look for permanent and long lasting solution, then there are some known procedures available which can help in effective face slimming. One such method is plastic surgery, jaw reduction, liposuction and also botox.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery involves both surgical as well as aesthetic methods. It is considered to be both medical and cosmetic processes which is intricate and delicate. It involves face contouring which not only restructure the face shape so it looks slimmer from all angles including front. Within the umbrella of facial surgery, these four areas are emphasized by either bone/flesh removal or by augmenting certain part of the face. These procedures are:

Reduction of Cheekbone

the procedure involves reshaping the cheekbone by burring and shaving the bones. it also involves changing the zygomatic arch and dividing the arch into two places. As a result, the cheekbones are positioned either in vertical position or in the horizontal position.

Reduction of Jawline

it involves reducing the angle of mandible through surgical filling. Normally from hidden incision from within the mouth or sometimes external incision is used to perform the procedure. The procedure also helps in reshaping the chin.

Reduction of Double Chin

the mandible is changed by surgical removal of flesh as well as chin bones. Normally the medical procedure involves genioplasty, sagittal split as well as mentoplasty.

Reduction of V-Line

The procedure involves reduction of lower face side into v shape narrow face. The process involves removing bones and flesh from chin and jawline to get slimmer look.


People with massive and wide jawlines, the botox injections are ideal and relatively easier methods to go for when comparing with plastic surgery. One drawback linked with botox is tissue reduction in the area due to weakening of bones as a result of injection. Depending upon the level of face reduction, the dose of injection varies. It is advisable to get proper professional advice and help when planning for botox, since it is all about facial treatment in line with actual shape and size of the face.


Liposuction or fat reduction is all about suction methods which removes fat from the facial tissues with the help of incision. Apart from face, fat in the chin, neck as well as cheeks are the most common areas to be targeted in the process of liposuction. The procedure is done with local as well as general anaesthesia so patient doesn’t feel any pain or irritation. Like Botox, it is better to consult medical specialist (face treatment specialist) before planning liposuction method just to check if the procedure is correct and will get required results.

All these procedures are applicable and available in Singapore, however the applicability of each face slimming method depends solely on medical condition of the patient. It is also essential that person should be mentally, physically and psychologically ready to undergo the procedure. Also proper advice from medical specialist is prerequisite for performing any method.

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