An Overview of How Restylane Skinbooster is Administered for Firm Skin

Restylane Skinbooster is an FDA-approved treatment that can revert some of the signs of aging. The procedure can increase the elasticity, radiance, and firmness of the skin.

If you are considering opting for the procedure or have already booked an appointment, chances are, you have done some research to learn how it works and the benefits it offers. Learning what happens during the procedure will make you less tensed and prepare you mentally for what’s to come.

In this article, we are going to take a close look at how Restylane Skinbooster is administered. Before we dive right into that, we are first going to look at what happens before the day of the treatment.

Before the skinbooster treatment

During your first visit to the clinic, your dermatologist will give you an overview of the benefits of the procedure and what to expect after the treatment. He may show you the before and after pictures of people who opted for the treatment in the past.

Your dermatologist may also give you some time to voice out what you wish to achieve.

Later on, he will examine the area you want to treat and tell you if you are a good candidate for the treatment or not.

If you are a good candidate for the treatment, the dermatologist will prepare a treatment plan. Note that you may be asked to read and sign a consent form before the treatment can commence.

How is Restylane Skinbooster is administered?

Restylane Skinbooster is administered via microinjections. The insertion can be done with an injector gun or a needle.

How the injector gun works

The injector gun sucks the skin for a few seconds before releasing 5 microneedles that will deliver the hyaluronic acid into the skin. Many people who have undergone the procedure have attested to the fact that the microneedles don’t cause pain during the treatment. The injector gun also helps dermatologists to perform the treatment quicker.

Needless to say, injector guns are great, but they have a few issues. First, they can cause bruising in the affected area. Also, they waste a good amount of fillers.

Many dermatologists in Singapore and other parts of the world have pointed out that 20% of the fillers delivered with the gun aren’t properly delivered into the skin. This has prompted a lot of clinicians and dermatologists to administer the filler via injection by hand. This way, they will have more control over the outcome of the treatment.

After the skinbooster treatment

You will notice some changes in the treated area shortly after the treatment. The treated region will continue to improve each day that passes.

Keep in mind that you may experience the following side effects after the treatment:

  • Redness
  • Bruising
  • Pain
  • Swelling and itching

These side effects may subside a day or two after the treatment.  

In Conclusion

Surely, you now have a clear picture of how Restylane Skinbooster is administered into the skin and a few things you should expect before and after the treatment. If you have more questions about the treatment, you should ask your dermatologist. He/She will be more than happy to answer your questions.  

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