How to Know If You Are a Good Candidate for Body Sculpting Procedures

Singapore is home to many reputable aesthetic clinics that offer body sculpting treatments that can help stimulate collagen production, tighten loose skin, and eliminate fat cells.

Unlike liposuction and other surgical procedures that are risky, invasive, and have a long downtime, body sculpting treatments have little risk and zero downtime. This is likely why a lot of women in Singapore are signing up for them.

Singapore’s body sculpting procedures are great and can offer long-lasting results, but they aren’t for everyone. In this article, we will be looking at some signs that can help you know if you are a good candidate for body sculpting procedures.

Are your bulges pinchable?

Body sculpting treatments are best suited for eliminating small pockets of fat.

If the bulges in your chin, flanks, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, and back are pinchable or can fit between your finger, chances are, you are a good candidate for Coolsculpting and other body contouring treatments.

However, if your fat is not pinchable or is broadly spread around your body, you may need to lose a few pounds before you can undergo any non-surgical body contorting treatment.

If you aren’t into working out and can’t follow a healthy diet, your next best option will be liposuction. 

Exercise and dieting aren’t working for you anymore

The best way to get rid of fat and become healthy is by exercising and eating right.

But, if after working out and following a good diet for months, your budge refuses to disappear, you may be a good candidate for body sculpting treatment.

As previously mentioned, body sculpting procedures are best suited for eliminating stubborn bulge and pinch-able fat pockets.

So if you have been active at the gym for a while and want to take your result to the next level, body sculpting procedures can help you achieve your goals.

You are patient

Body sculpting treatments like Thermage aren’t painful and have zero downtime. During these procedures, radiofrequency is used to eliminate fat cells. The metabolic process that your body will use to remove the dead fat cells in your body may take weeks or even months.

So you may not see any slimming effects moments after the procedure.

If you are patient enough to wait for a couple of months, you are going to wake up to a new, slim, and defined body.

However, if you are looking for quick results and cannot wait for many weeks to get a slim body, chances are, you aren’t a good candidate for body sculpting treatments.


Body sculpting procedures can speed things up and help you build your dream body quicker. Considering the tips discussed in this article will help you figure out if you are a good candidate for them.

Don’t feel bad or give up on your weight loss dream just because you aren’t a good candidate for a body sculpting procedure. Look at it as a wake-up call to intensify your efforts at the gym and eat healthily. You never know, in the future, you may become a good candidate for these treatments.

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