Our Workshops – Our Workshops 2013

Kylee Milner workshop facilitator since 2005

Art Craftsman 
Teacher and Trainer since 1993 – Lancaster and York faculty, England


1..2..3..let’s go! 
3 hours 
40 € 
Ideal for beginners 
Techniques: Conditioning & rolling the dough 
Making simple canes 
Reduce and slice the canes. Form Beads – many ways 
From these techniques it will be possible to make: 
Beads, simple pendant, fridge magnets, bookmarks, keychains 
Included: all inclusive!

2 hours 
45 Euros 
Workshop of creation: work of blowtorch, to form loops in copper then in solid silver, 
Included: Copper, tools, about 5gr of massive silver.

Brooch & Ring
3 hours 
40 Euros 
Creation workshop: A brooch and a ring 
Included: All inclusive! Paste, wire for brooch or ring, pigments if necessary.

3 hours 
40 Euros 
Creation workshop: Stopper 
Techniques: Make a wine stopper – great gift! 
Included: all inclusive! Pate, technique & 1 stainless steel cap!

3 hours 
45 € 
Creation workshop: Earrings 
Techniques: Make your earrings by learning techniques of polymer clay. Realization of 3 pairs of different earrings 
Included: all inclusive

It’s the finish that counts! It’s how you finish it! 
A practical workshop on drilling, sanding, polishing and varnishing. 
It’s the finish that counts! It’s how you finish it! 
1 hr 
25 Euros 
Included: Sandpaper / Sand paper 
What you need to add: your pearls ready to finish / Your beads ready for finishing.

Decorative Hearts
3 hours 
40 € 
Techniques: Have fun with hearts …. techniques of shapes, colors and patterns. 
Included: Paste & tools included

Hello young people

2½ hours 
18 € 
All inclusive 
This workshop is reserved for young people under 12 years old. Polymer Clay Workshop – Fun! 
Several themes are possible depending on the age of the children. 
Minimum of 4 people. Remember to book A small snack will be provided during the cooking time.

Inks – Inks
3 hours 
50 Euros 
Creative workshop: Inks pendant 
Techniques: How to use inks with metal sheets to make a pendant. 
Included: tools, oven for baking, metal foils, inks, polymer clay.

4 hours 
60 Euros 
Workshop of creation: Rollers in saltire, to understand the shades of colors to make pebbles with pigments, powders, inks etc. 
Included: All included!

Luna Beads
4 hours 
65 € 
How to create large hollow beads accurately – cooking tips as well as finishing techniques. 
Included: tools, use of extruder included, paste – all inclusive 
What to bring: Your tools, machine

Luna Beads + Montage
6 hours 
80 € 
How to create large hollow beads with precision. Manufacture of interlayer beads and wired wire beads. Cooking, finishing and assembly. Manufacture of “hand-made” clasp 
Includes: paste – all inclusive, wired wire, everything to create a necklace! 
What to bring: Your favorite tools, machine, board.

Mokume Gane
6 hours 
80 € 
A day of discovery around the old Japanese techniques of mokume gane. 
Techniques: Choice of color – layers and blends, fingerprints to make a real drawing 
beads formation, Finishes – sanding, polishing and piercing 
Included: fingerprint tools, metal sheets 
What to add: Dough (premo recommended ) metallic + mother of pearl + translucent (on sale on the spot) 
What to bring: Your tools, machine paste etc …


4 hours 
60 € 
Creation workshop: Carafe / Bottle mosaic 
Techniques: Learn the advanced techniques of canes through the extruder ….. various techniques. 
Included: tools, use of the extruder included, carafe or bottle 
What to add: Dough (premo recommended) metallic + other colors to choose (for sale on site) 
What to bring: machine, tools, dough etc …

Water lily
3 hours 
40 Euros 
Creation workshop: Water Lily Pendant 
Included: All inclusive!

3 hours 
40 € 
Creation of 3 polka dots in polymer. 
Included: All inclusive

3 hours 
50 € 
Techniques: How to transform a creation with innovative and original textures. 
Learn how to use structure sheets and also objects to give an original look to your creations. 
Included: Powders, structure sheets, tools, dough – all included 
What to bring: Your tools, dough machine etc …

Terra Luna
3 hours 
50 € 
Techniques: Learn how to make ripped effects (watercolour). To make at least one pendant and earrings. Understand the nuances of colors. 
Included: All inclusive 
What to bring: Your tools, dough machine etc …

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