All You Need to Know About Non-Invasive Face Slimming

The first noticeable feature of every person is the face. The attractiveness among other things hugely depends on the shape of the face. Many people have naturally contoured facial features but for many others to achieve that look, many treatments are available now days. A thin, contoured face always gives off a look of someone who is attractive and eye-catching not to mention, the ongoing fever of everyone wanting to look like their favorite celebrity.

But to achieve this look, not everyone wants to go through extreme surgical procedures because of their obvious risky and permanence. There are many good procedures available in Singapore that promise beautiful results. Read more here:


A very popular, non-surgical method is the Botox injector method. Since overtime the jaws due to over work give of a look of a squared face, the Botox helps to neutralize that effect. The injections are applied to the muscles that have undergone major changes, which diminishes their extremity and pops up the check bones. This gives the face a V-shape, thereby making it appear slimmer and more youthful.

A touch up every 4 to 6 months boosts the well-defined facial look. Over all the effect is of a more well-defined jawline, slimmer face and a beautiful curve to the cheek.

Ultra former HIFU

This is another non-invasive treatment very popular in Singapore. This procedure works but boosting the collagen and elastin production the face that not only heals and contours the face but also removes excessive fat from it making it appear thinner and more defined.

Ultra former HIFU is also popular in removing fat from the cheeks and from under the skin. Over all after this procedure there is a definite improvement in the skin tone and skin is tightened and lifted like never before.

Injection of fillers

Overtime fat cells accumulate in the face especially in the cheek area and under the chin which gives the look of obesity. Or some people are naturally born with a rounder face. A V-shaped face is what everyone desires so that the face looks thinner and more attractive. Fillers are injected in the upper cheek bone area to sculpt the face and under the chin to lift it.

This creates a look of a V-shape with sharpness towards the chin and the cheek bones. When the chin is bought forward it not only becomes more well-defined but also erases the drastic effects of the underlying double chin.

Natural face slimming techniques

While all these aforementioned techniques are good, there are even better that not only give results but are completely natural as well. Exercising and eating healthy all from the comfort of your home can do wonders to the constant fat building in the body and give the face a natural healthy glow.

One of the healthiest of these is the cardio workout which sheds excessive weight off the face to make it look thinner and well defined.

Along with this, it is also recommended to keep a healthy intake of water which will not only keep the body hydrated but wear off water retention as well.

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